Trump Wins

Now That Trump Has Won I’m Done With Politics!


When I started this website it was to share stories about the family, to share life lessons with my kids that maybe others could learn from as well, to talk about things important to me like having an amazing relationship with your spouse and children, to create a successful life, to honor God and other topics like these.

Politics was never really that important to me. That is until Obama was elected President.

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If Hillary Wins, Hillary Voters Lose Their Right To Complain!

We’ve all been warned of what a Hillary Presidency would do to America in the way of our safety, our businesses, our inner cities, the 2nd amendment and much more.

If you voted for Hillary, I do NOT want to hear a single word out of you when…

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If You Were Facing A Jail Sentence, Wouldn’t You Do Whatever You Had To Do –Ethical, Legal or Not– To Avoid Going To Jail?

Absolutely You Would Because Desperate People Do Desperate Things!

When this election is over Hillary Clinton will be living in one of two places… the White House or jail!

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ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post And The Other Mainstream Medias Will Have American Blood On Their Hands

The Mainstream Media is playing a dangerous game which will cause a lot of American’s to be murdered and killed, and this is just for starters what is on the Mainstream Media’s shoulders.

Why, you may ask, is the blood of murdered American’s on the Mainstream Media’s hands?

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This was sent to me in an email. Now we have some insight into their strategy to take down Trump!

*** Internal Memo For All Hard Core, 100% Committed Hillary Supporters ***

Please share this with everyone who supports Hillary and let’s take Trump down! Step by step guide with an explanation of our strategies and why they work…

Taking Down Trump To Win The Election

In order for Hillary Clinton to win the election there are a number of things she will have to handle. It’s well established that it’s going to be a close race. In order to win, Hillary will need to address these issues:

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Millions of American’s feel this way about Donald J. Trump…”

I got this in an email and have to agree, this is how I believe American’s really do feel about Donald Trump.

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If You’re A Republican And Can’t or Won’t Vote For Trump, You NEED To Read This

Some people including Republican politicians have said they won’t vote for the Republican nominee, Donald Trump. I just want to put something in perspective.

Please read this. It is VERY important to understand what’s hanging in the balance for the election this year.

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All Politicians Should Earn Your Vote

Sadly, there are just too many sheep in America who just believe everything their chosen one says. They don’t want to hear anything negative about their chosen one, that don’t want another persons perspective, they don’t even want to hear the truth if it’s against their chosen one. They just want to believe their chosen one is a saint and can do no wrong, and that their chosen one will pass laws to help them and will advocate for their best interest.

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As I’m going to show you, Election 2016 is not Democrat Vs. Republican. It’s about your freedom’s and rights and the direction America goes. It’s an election of the Political Establishment Vs. We The People. This is the most important election you’ll ever vote in with so many things on the line!

Election 2016 Is About Many Key Topics. Here’s The Break-Down…

Throughout this election I’m consistently watching inconsistencies and policies that contradict other policies. More times than I can count I’ve watched one particular candidate say one thing to pander to a specific group of American’s and then say something else on a different subject that’s a contradiction to the first point.

For example, if I said to you in one speech, “As President you will see 15% increase in your pay,” and then in another speech said, “We have to increase taxes by 20%”, in reality you’ve just been told you’ll see a 5% decrease in your take home pay.

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With All Of The Corruption, Scandals & Lies Surrounding Hillary Clinton, Obama And The Other Speakers Gave Their Best “Sales Pitch” They Could To Sell Hillary To Us. It Reminded Me Of This Story…

Here’s the story we all are in the middle of right now…

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