Obama Treasonous Acts List

If you want to have the discussion about Trump and treason, then we also need to discuss Obama and treason. But before we get into Obama’s many acts of treason, I’ve got something I need to say…

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Obama’s Accomplishments

A List Of Obama’s Accomplishments As The First Black President Of The USA

I couldn’t resist sharing this. After the hell we’ve all had to endure under Obama let’s not forget how he’s really shaped America and what he’s done for you and I…

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Is Obama a Muslim?

Millions Have Asked The Question… Is Obama A Muslim?

You draw your own conclusion based upon these things Obama himself has said and done.

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A Lot Of People Are Suggesting and Worried About Obama Imposing Martial Law

Over the past few months I’ve written a couple of blog posts that also discuss Martial Law. After the last article I read about Martial Law I decided to write a blog specifically about Martial Law.

There are a lot of people talking about their concern that Obama will impose Martial Law on America. Over the past 6 months there’s been discussions about:

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All Of A Sudden…Seven Short Years Have Passed and this is where “we’re” at folks!

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Obama Says, “If you’ve got a business you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” Are You Kidding Me?

He’s Saying This To Justify Taxing Businesses At The Highest Rate In The World And Now Wants To Tax Them Even More To “Spread The Wealth”!

First, here’s the quote from Obama. Just click on the image to see it larger…

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Do You Realize That If The President Invokes A National Emergency Or Martial Law, The President ALONE Takes TOTAL Control Over The Country?

Do You Grasp What This Means To You And How This Affects You?

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Process Of Impeachment

I’ve Been Educated On What It Takes To Impeach A President, And It Doesn’t Make Me Very Happy, But It Is What It Is

Remember, I am not a politician nor do I know the laws of the government. I’ve forgotten most of what I was taught in my Government class in high school over 30 years ago.

I wish I had educated myself on impeachment a long time ago. Okay, so here’s the scoop.

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You’re Being Lied To And Controlled By The Pied Pipers Obama (And Democrats)

Throughout all of history, the fight for power and control has been the biggest cause of wars. Too many people want to be the almighty emperor. It’s no different here in America.

BUT, for the first time in our history, a president (Obama) is defying the constitution and actually trying to destroy it. He wants all of us to be into submission to the way they think America should be ran and “Freedom” isn’t part of their goal. They want to control everyone, to make all of your decisions for you.

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