This was sent to me in an email. Now we have some insight into their strategy to take down Trump!

*** Internal Memo For All Hard Core, 100% Committed Hillary Supporters ***

Please share this with everyone who supports Hillary and let’s take Trump down! Step by step guide with an explanation of our strategies and why they work…

Taking Down Trump To Win The Election

In order for Hillary Clinton to win the election there are a number of things she will have to handle. It’s well established that it’s going to be a close race. In order to win, Hillary will need to address these issues:

Trump’s Crude Audio from 11 Years Ago

Trump just keeps saying things that allow us to attack him. This audio has been a real gift because we must turn this into a Character Election and stay away from policies. We know that the policies of Obama really hurt our campaign with so many jobs lost, the lower wages we have and the terrible economy we’re in. Thankfully the Mainstream Media puts a spin on this and uses Obama’s numbers and not the figures from economist.

The point is we can’t go toe to toe on policies with where the economy is now after 7 years of Obama… we can’t win here, and we don’t want the other side bringing up the real numbers to show how bad things really are.

Instead we’re going to attack Trumps character. We’ll continue calling him a racist even though there’s no proof of this, but we’ll have the Mainstream Media supporting this; and we’ll attack him regarding women trying to present him as a real pervert.

This audio is a real gift. We really needed this, and the timing couldn’t have been better.

With the Trump audio from 11 years ago on his locker room antics with Billy Bush and crude comments, while it did affect this election, if even for a few days especially with the Mainstream Media going overboard on this audio playing it for over 150 minutes versus the 16 minutes spent on the Paula Jones rape case with Bill Clinton (see how loyal the MSM is to democrats), Hillary still needs to contend with Bill’s sexually promiscuous past and Hillary’s threatening the women involved.

This is not going to be easy to overcome. There is too much evidence and too many witnesses who can backup these women and the threats from Hillary to keep their mouths shut.

Our best approach is to just not get involved in a discussion about this, but instead to redirect the conversation about Trumps words about women.

Unfortunately we have absolutely no evidence of any real actions of Trumps against women. All we have is the sexist stupid things he says about women, where there are actual actions against Hillary for threatening the women and Bill for having sexual relations with these women.

This is why it’s so important to not get into this discussion, but instead to do a re-direction preferably on a completely different topic to end this discussion on how Bill and Hillary treat women.

If you do get into a discussion attack Trump with the comments he’s made about women. If they bring up Hillary’s threatening the other women, play her as the victim. This will generally work by taking the focus off of how nasty Hillary was to these women to “poor Hillary”, the victim.

Play her up as the victim to take the focus off her part in all of this. She needs to be looked up as the Champion of Women!

Trumps Temperament

Trumps temperament is something we must continue to attack, but we still also must be very careful here. In the first debate Hillary was able to rattle Trump and lead him like a little puppy dog putting him on the defense. This allowed Hillary to control the conversation and avoid any attacks against her.

If you can get people to “defend” Trump it keeps them from attacking Hillary, and it’s better to have them do this than the later because Hillary is sadly a very flawed candidate with a lot of baggage. I’m only saying this because it’s true so we need to minimize it. But just because I’m sharing this with you, DO NOT REPEAT THIS TO ANYONE ELSE!

The point is, it’s a very effective strategy of putting others on the defense of Trump so they’re not attacking Hillary so this strategy should be exploited.

Unfortunately there are books written by ex-CIA agents who have first hand experience of Hillary’s temperament and her foul mouth. While this may be very true, it’s still important to deny, deny, deny. Don’t admit to anything negative about Hillary, and keep turning the table back to something Trump did like that audio tape from 11 years ago… what a gift we got with this!

Bluntly, if it hadn’t been for this audio gift we got the election would be much tighter and we can’t afford to lose.

Did you watch how Hillary had selective memory and denied remembering anything when Congress attacked her in that 8 hour Benghazi testimony? Or when the FBI questioned her for 4 hours?

It is always better to deny or say you don’t remember than to admit the truth. She can’t be held accountable to her actions if she can’t remember or denies those actions leaving the burden of proof on others. And with the DOJ controlled by Obama, no worries about them coming after Hillary. Same with FBI Director Comey who has close ties with the Clinton Foundation.

This is in fact why Hillary will straight out lie about something she did. It’s a strategy, but the key is to say the lie with conviction like it really is a truth so it creates believability. This is why during the debate when Trump attacks her she’ll say Trump needs to be fact checked… to try and minimize the attack against her.

By the time her lies are fact checked it’s too late. Plus, the Mainstream Media will protect her and won’t fact check her lies so the audience that matter the most won’t see the fact checks on Hillary’s lies.

Regarding temperament you’ll notice how in public Hillary will appear cool, calm and collected. She wants to present herself of having a steady hand and having the temperament to be president, while demonstrating that Trump doesn’t.

We just need to make sure those who have first hand experience of Hillary’s explosive and abusive temperament are down played, or better, denied.

Another approach is to try and discredit the person making the statements, or to say they are lying because they have a beef with Hillary. Make sure to give a reason why their statements can’t be trusted and have no creditability. It creates more believability.

It may be difficult to dispute a decorated CIA agent with first hand experience of how nasty and disrespectful Hillary is to everyone around her but do remember the Mainstream Media stands behind Hillary. They’re able to put spins on the negatives against Hillary and to minimize the discussions on these negatives, and then put the focus on something negative regarding Trump.

The MSM is one of the Democrats best weapons to manipulate and control the minds of American’s. How?

Most American’s are like sheep… rather than being independent thinkers and coming to their own conclusions, they just follow what everyone else is doing, they put way too much trust in the media and they love FREE things even when it will hurt them in the long run.

Take a look at how the Democrats have been able to play the black community like a fiddle to be guaranteed their vote, and yet Democrats keep them in poverty and don’t do anything to help their living arrangements or environment.

This is all by design and strategy utilizing mind control via the MSM to believe Democrats are actually their friends and will help them, while then lying by saying the mess blacks are in is all because of Republicans. It’s been masterfully played out for many, many years.

I’m sharing all of this so you can see the resources available to manipulate and control the minds of people, and how effective this has been over the years.

Winning Demographics

We can break down the “key” demographics this way:

Professional White Males

Trump is winning this group. Not sure there’s any chance of changing that.

Professional White Females

Hillary is winning this group. Need to keep showing them Trump’s disrespect for them while making sure we are prepared to overcome Hillary’s bashing of the women her husband Bill raped and groped.

If worse comes to worse we’ll need to put the focus on Bill and show Hillary as a victim to his affairs. But whatever we do we MUST minimize or re-frame any discussions around how Hillary belittled and threatened these women, and also how she also pays women less than men and how she belittles the women who work with her. It doesn’t matter that it’s all true, we must still change the narrative if it gets brought up. And remember, deny, deny, deny.

African Americans (Blacks)

The democrats have had blacks eating out of our hands for years like a good little obedient dog. Blacks are gullible and aren’t the brightest crayons in the box so I anticipate this to continue.

We need to continue blaming Republicans for all of the hell they are going through — poverty, low pay, discrimination, racism, police brutality, etc — even though all of this is because of Democrats and our policies and our strategies to keep Blacks dependent upon us and the government.

The key here is to continue putting the blame on the overly righteous do gooder Republicans. If the Blacks were to start researching history to realize it’s always been Democrats that have held them in bondage, we’ll need to go into immediate damage control and change the narrative.

With the Mainstream Media in our back pocket, we should have no problem controlling their minds and continue to get their votes. We’ll just send the MSM the narrative we want them to put out which will once again put all of the blame on Republicans.

The creation of BLM has been a true blessing. Soro’s was brilliant in this and the funding of them to keep them front and center in the news, and keeping the narrative of racism and prejudice against blacks by police on everyone’s minds. This, people, is how you control people. You could learn a lot from this and should follow this example if you get into a position of having to turn a black person back to the Democrats.


Latino’s are a different group of people. They are God loving, family oriented people. They just want a job and a better opportunity for their family. Even though there’s no question that the new Republican agenda under a President Trump would be far better for them, we must make sure they don’t make the connection. We need to instead show them how free college and entitlement programs will help them have a better life.

And make sure to bring up that Trump said they are “all” criminals, rapist and murderers, and that he’s going to break up families and deport all illegals back to Mexico.

Even though Trump actually said “some” and didn’t say all, the mainstream media has pushed Trump saying “all” Mexicans are criminals, rapist and murderers. We control this narrative with the support of the MSM so just stick to saying that Trump said “all”. Really make Latino’s feel like Trump doesn’t like them.

So if you’re talking to a Latino, don’t get into a discussion with them about jobs or God… we can’t win there. With Trump as a businessman who’s created 10’s of thousands of jobs already we can’t compete there so don’t even try. Instead, talk about free college and entitlement programs. Even though at $20 Trillion dollars there’s no way we could actually offer free college, after the election it won’t matter if we gain the presidency.

Just like Obama made so many promises of which he didn’t fulfill any of them, and then got re-elected for 4 more years, we just keep making the promises. In over 100 years we still haven’t had our feet held to the fire on these broken promises.

And when people do push us about those promises we just blame the Republicans for voting against them. Easy play on our part because we add ridiculous things into the Bill we send to congress that we know the Republicans won’t agree with all so we can blame them for not voting for it. We don’t tell people about those other parts of the Bill we pushed through congress which killed the bill and instead keep the focus on how Republicans are the reason the promise wasn’t fulfilled.

Brilliant, isn’t it?

Just wanted you to understand how we play this game and how we’ve been able to keep people in the dark and on our side all of these years.


This is really the easiest group of all to control and manipulate! They have absolutely NO common sense and no grasp of politics and the long term affect politics may have on their life.

What we do here is pay people to start a movement on college campuses. All we need to do is start a movement. College kids all want to be part of something, to believe in something and to stand out from the crowd, to not be part of the norm. They want to believe they made a difference, so it’s really easy to get them to do what we want them to do.

Look at what we’ve accomplished with LGBT, Islamophobia, how we got them to go against Christians and America’s values.

These people are incredible gullible and are all followers like sheep. So much so that they’d follow these paid-for protesters over a cliff if they were told to.

Millennials love the word FREE. So we promise them all kinds of FREE stuff with absolutely no way or intentions of following through with them. That doesn’t matter because again we blame the Republicans for not being able to fulfill these promises.

Our enemy here is if these millennials stop long enough and realize that when they get into the workforce they’ll be part of the norm and will pay taxes like the rest of the working class people and we don’t want them to realize that FREE isn’t really free.

We don’t want them to realize the true cost of their losing freedom’s to support our progressive agenda. This could be disastrous which is why we don’t even discuss it.

The Politically Correct movement has done huge wonders for our progressive agenda’s. While common sense would destroy Political Correct language, liberals and millennial aren’t smart enough to have any common sense.

Instead we continue to control them like the puppets they are with PC language, telling them they’ll get all of this free stuff and making them feel like they are part of something much bigger than they are to think they’re making a big difference. Just need a few leaders on campuses across the country who need a quick $10,000 to $50,000 to start a movement.

Just like our talk about “income equality”. Even though socialism and income equality has failed everywhere it’s been tried and has financially destroyed nations, considering we want a global economy, America’s financial strength isn’t important to us. We just won’t talk about what will happen if/when America goes bankrupt because that would scare the hell out of people. Instead, we want a global economy with open boarders and free trade.

Yes, we get this is very bad for America as a whole, but by this point there won’t be a Republican party any longer and most of America will be owned by other more prosperous countries like China and Saudi Arabia so there won’t even be a Constitution to follow any longer.

As it is already Saudi Arabia is buying up farm land and cattle farms all of which is being sent back to Saudi Arabia, and China is buying up our energy company’s so the “selling of America” is already in motion!


So now that you know how to control these groups and how to take Trump down, let’s all get to work and get Hillary voted in. Give it 8 years and there won’t be an America to save any longer. We’ll have given up our sovereignty to other countries, our core resources like our farm lands and natural resources which is a goldmine will be owned by foreign countries and we won’t have a 2nd Amendment so you don’t have to worry about any civil wars.

The politicians, on the other hand, who played a key role in pulling all of this off which includes the Establishment Republicans who are also pushing for open boarders and free trade will be richer than their wildest imaginations. Do you know how much money Hillary Clinton made by selling off 20% of America’s Uranium to Russia while she was Secretary of State?


So get out there like good little puppets and the ignorant fools that you are with no common sense and let’s get Hillary elected.

On the other hand, if you’re done with being manipulated and controlled by the Democrat controlled Mainstream Media that is lying to your face to control your mind to push a progressive globalization agenda down your throat, you’re ready to really stand for something great — AMERICA and OUR GREATNESS — and don’t want to lose your freedom’s or be under the control of another foreign country, you need to vote for Donald Trump.

The choice is yours. What will you do?



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