Now That Trump Has Won I’m Done With Politics!


When I started this website it was to share stories about the family, to share life lessons with my kids that maybe others could learn from as well, to talk about things important to me like having an amazing relationship with your spouse and children, to create a successful life, to honor God and other topics like these.

Politics was never really that important to me. That is until Obama was elected President.

When Obama was elected I was for the first time scared for my family and my country. That man has always scared the hell out of me.

I remember when my daughter who was in High School at the time came home and told me all of her classmate friends were supporting Obama. I looked at her and in a very serious voice said to her, “That man scares the hell out of me. The hair on my neck goes up every time he talks.”

At the time I didn’t know why he scared me so much but 8 years later I’m very clear on why he scared me. My last article discussing how Hillary voters have no room to complain if she wins really hits on a lot of what my fears have been, and continued to be under a Hillary presidency. The tearing down of Christianity and our religious freedoms has been at the top of the list.

I love my Lord. I love the values and morals of most Christians. (Not all Christians have it figured out yet or are new Christians working on changing their lives.)

Along with this I love my country. I have deep respect for our flag, veterans and our values as a country. I stand up for the pledge of allegiance and for the star spangled banner with my hand over my heart. I am so thankful for our veterans who have fought and died for your and my freedom.

I love how neighbors come together to help each other, and how we American’s are so supportive of each other. At least where I live this is all true.

My wife Joy has worried about me. For 8 years I’ve been consumed by politics. I have truly despised the direction Obama has taken America, and how much less safe we are.

It has down right pissed me off with what he’s done to attack Christianity while turning a blind eye to Islam creating an obvious double standard.

I would write articles of my fears and concerns of the direction this country was going based upon hours and hours of reading and researching each topic. And the more research I did the more scared I got.

I could go on and on, but now with a Trump Presidency I know God will be back into the very fabric of America and we’re going to get back on track to being the America I have always loved so much.

I now have peace once again on my heart.

What’s interesting is about 2 weeks ago while in Prayer God said to me, “John, I’ve got this. I’m sending a savior, Trump will win.” Up until these last 2 days I was in peace. Then listening to what the so called experts where saying about how Trump just couldn’t win my anxiety kicked back up again. I looked at Joy this morning and said to her, “For Trump to win it’s going to take a miracle.”

Today (Nov 8th, election day) I turned off the TV. I did NOT want to hear opinions and what others had to say. Instead, starting about 4pm I opened up Google and watched the results on Google live.


From the very get-go Trump lead. Once Trump was named the winner all I could do was praise God! Being happy doesn’t even begin to explain my feelings. Thankfully God is a miracle making God.

So, with this history changing event I’m done with politics. I’m now going to get back to what I really had intended for “Words Of A Dad” and grandpa.

God bless you and God bless America!





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