What Should Politicians And The President Do… Condemn Specific Violent Groups, Or Condemn The Illegal And Violent Actions?

Think about that. Should a specific group be condemned, or should the illegal actions of all groups be condemned?

All of the mainstream media (MSM) including Fox are complaining that the President didn’t specifically condemn the White Supremacy by name, that condemning all of their actions was wrong.

Actually, the President was right on how he approached it and the politicians and MSM are wrong. Here’s why.

We’re a divided nation. After Obama’s 8 years we are more divided and more hyper-sensitive to racial issues than we’ve ever been. Identity Politics is to either align or attack a specific group of people based upon religion, race, social background, etc.

You and I as just regular ol’ American’s could care less about identity politics (unless you’re far right or far left then you probably care). The majority of us consider our neighbors, regardless to color and religion, as fellow American’s. For some odd reason politicians and the MSM don’t understand this.

So when we look at what happened in Charlottesville and look at these following facts we can see a real disconnect:

  • White Nationalist applied for and received a permit to have a structured protest.
  • The BLM and Antifa neither one had a permit but showed up for one reason only… to disrupt and stop the White Nationalist from having a protest, to stop their right to free speech.
  • A Democratic Governor and Democratic Mayor  told the police to stand down and not intervene… why would they do this?
  • The police directed the White Nationalist to march toward the BLM and Antifra. Shouldn’t the police have instead tried to keep the two groups separated?

First, doesn’t this sounds like a setup to you too?

Since the clash all we’ve heard is politicians and the MSM demanding that people and the President condemn the White Nationalist. Not the BLM and Antifa who didn’t have permits to have an assembly of people there, but instead to put all of the blame on the White Nationalist, which they are referring to as White Supremacist.

In my opinion, if I was going to single out any groups it would be the BLM and Antifa who weren’t suppose to be there, and only showed up for one reason… to cause problems.

Most agree that if these two groups hadn’t shown up and started causing problems the White Nationalist protest would’ve been a peaceful assembly of people sharing why they’re upset.

But, like we’ve watched so many times the past year, the BLM and Antifa riot, get violent and destroy property to stop anyone from having a voice and discussing topics they don’t agree with it. Look at the Berkeley riots, for one.

But for reasons most of us do not understand, BLM and Antifa aren’t being blamed at all. The total weight of this incident is falling squarely on the shoulders of the White Nationalist who where the only ones with a permit and the only ones who should’ve been there. It’s all their fault, and how dare the President for not condemning White Supremacy.

Think about that. Black lives matter. Brown lives matter. Muslims matter. But White lives do not matter, and how dare anyone suggest that white lives do matter.

The President was 100% correct to condemn the actions of all and not point out any one group. I agree with NOT calling out any one specific group, but instead to call out the actions of ALL groups involved.

That’s been the problem… giving emphasis to one group while minimizing another. We are American’s, all of us. The Liberal Left gives emphasis to BLM, Antifa and other left wing groups ignoring their actions and not calling them out. But now they’re calling out these White Nationalists. Hypocrites plain and simple.

We must take a universal approach and condemn violence regardless with who’s involved. This is how you unify this country… the same standards, expectations and consequences for ALL. You discipline the actions regardless of who its from, unlike the liberal left that have allowed BLM and other left groups to riot, become violent, block highways and traffic, destroy public property while now having a hissy fit because it’s white nationalist.

Look at what happened at Charlottesville to see how hypocritical the Democrats and MSM is… no problems with the BLM and Antifa’s actions and involvement here, but boy howdy, those White Nationalist are domestic terrorist and must be stopped! (Check this article out: Gov. Terry McAuliffe Refuses to Denounce Antifa Attacks on Journalists… Hypocrite!)

If the White Nationalist are domestic terrorist who have done a fraction of what BLM and Antifa have done, then BLM and Antifa must also be considered domestic terrorist!

If we’re going to unite this country then we must hold everyone to the same standards and consequences to their actions! We can no longer pander and look the other way of groups who political parties are “using” for political reasons. One standard for ALL.

Personally, it makes me sick to the stomach listening to liberal left politicians and what they’re saying about the white nationalist and still have NOTHING to say about BLM and Antifa and their actions… hypocrites every one of them!

ANYONE who breaks the law needs to be held accountable. We must STOP playing identity politics and hold EVERYONE to the same standards. If you riot, destroy property, attack others, get violent or whatever YOU GO TO JAIL regardless of what group you belong too. BLM and Antifa must be held to this same standard. You cannot just condemn one group.

So what should we and the President do… condemn just specific groups or condemn all illegal actions regardless of group association?

If we want a united country we must maintain the same standards for all groups regardless if right or left leaning. If they break the law then they must be held accountable and go to jail.

Police need to get more active. What’s up with this standing around and doing nothing while they’re fighting each other and being destructive?

Shame on the Mayor and Governor for telling them to stand down and do nothing!

But this seems to be the consistent approach by democrat mayors and governors who then use the violence and destruction to try and push their narrative like what they did with Ferguson and the Berkeley riots. The people causing the destruction, violence and damage were held blameless and then they tried to put all of the fault on the conservative speaker, the police or the alt-right group (By the way, the White Nationalist are neither right or left, they don’t belong to any party). Yet, no one on the left side was held blameless.

This one-sided approach to the law which we’ve also watched with Hillary Clinton, Lois Lerner (IRS) and many other illegal actions by other democrats MUST stop. One set of laws for ALL People regardless to political allegiance, color of skin or position. 

It’s like we’re part of the Mafia where the rules don’t apply to the Mafia bosses (Obama, Lynch, Hillary, etc) and their henchmen (BLM, Antifa, etc.). We American’s are watching, have been watching and are disgusted with the double standards and how the “law doesn’t apply to _____ (left wing groups and politicians)”.

It’s no wonder we’re in such a divided country.

And by the way, I understand why the White Nationalist took a stand… Whites are being persecuted and blamed for everything bad that’s ever happened to blacks and immigrants that have come to America. We’re being attacked and blamed relentlessly with “white privilege” being the new politically correct response and word of the year.

Even worse is the white Christian… being attacked because he’s white and because he’s a Christian.

The laws must be equally administered to ALL law breakers! No more favoritism, no more blaming others who had no part in it (like blaming today’s white people for their great, great grand parents having slaves… by the way, most slave owners were blacks and democrats), no more special privileges because you’re a Democrat, progressive or liberal. 

The Same Laws For ALL!

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