It’s Time For The Republicans and Trump To Fight Fire With Fire! How?

Change and control the narrative, and then get yourself into the offense instead of constantly being in the defense from all of the attacks from the Democrats and Mainstream Media.

Start going after Obama for Treason and make that the topic of discussion. Go after Hillary’s email and/or the Clinton Foundation and make that the discussion. Start attacking Democrats and put them on the defense so they don’t have time to continue being on the offense to attacking Trump.

In other words, take control of the narrative with the understanding negativity spreads far faster than positives… it’s not about the great work you’re doing because that’s not newsworthy. It’s about what Obama and Hillary did and the mess you now have to clean up!

Need a list of Obama’s treasonous actions?

Look no further…

For Hillary, where to begin? Uranium deal, Clinton Foundation to include Haiti, 33k emails purposely deleted after receiving a subpoena for the server …. just google Hillary Treason and you’ll have pages and pages to read.



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