Recommended Reading List –

Your Path To Knowledge & Becoming The Best Parent You Can Be

In pursuit of being the best father I could be and the best partner to my wife I could be, I have read hundreds of books and quite a few magazines.

All of us were born for greatness. But none of us were born with the knowledge to create greatness in our lives. The number #1 place we learn our skills is from our environment with our parents being the #1 influencers of our life. But what if our parents weren’t very good role models? How do we acquire the skills and knowledge to be the best parents we can be?

From others who have perfected their parenting skills.

Take for example the parents of a poor child who live in a depressed part of town where most people are thugs, druggy’s and thieves, but the children of a loving dad and mom goes on to college and creates greatness in his/her life. How did this families children break free of the environment they were raised in when so many other children in this environment just followed suit with the environment they were raised in ultimately ending up either dead or in jail?

Or on the other side, how is it that there are children of privileged parents who have every possible opportunity available to them that amount to nothing, becoming spoiled rotten living off mom & dad’s money that nobody likes being around because they’re mean; or they end up dead from drugs.

You hear about stories like these all the time. What you have to realize and accept is we as parents only know what we know which predominately comes from the environment we were raised in. That’s why I stretched out to books to learn about parenting. Books open up a whole new world of knowledge to you to help you be the best at whatever it is you want to learn to do, such as becoming the best parent you can be or the best spouse/partner you can be. These were things very important to me.

Here are a few books and magazines I recommend …

Recommended Reading:

Parenting Magazine: This was the first resource I used for learning about my children and to learn important parenting skills. I strongly recommend this magazine.

Boundaries with Kids: How Healthy Choices Grow Healthy Children: An amazing book on setting proper boundaries with kids for healthy growing.

Boundaries with Teens: When to Say Yes, How to Say No: Dealing with a teenager can be difficult at times. This book will help you set effective boundaries with them and teach you how to say “no” to them in a constructive, acceptable way.

More will come as I have time to list them