Trump Fights An Uphill Battle To Return America Back To The People.

Impeach Trump And You’ll See A HUGE Civil Unrest!

We know what the Democrats, the political establishment, the RINO’s and the liberal left Mainstream Media is doing. We have you pegged.

It’s because of all of these group that we voted in Trump… to drain the swamp!  We knew a politician wouldn’t do this. We knew it would take a businessman who loves America to do it.

We also knew it would be a massive uphill battle! We knew the Democrats and all of their cronies would dig their heals in and fight Trump every step of the way.

But I’ve got to say, I’m blown away at…

  • How the Democrats are 100% obstructionist. ANYTHING Trump wants to pass they fight, even when it will create more jobs, increase incomes, keep us safer… everything! They are absolutely not willing to work with Trump, even when it’s to help those they say they care about. Their fear of Trump is over riding their commitment to their base.
  • How negative the Mainstream Media has been. They’re ruthless. They lie, they embellish, they turn everything into a negative, they don’t report the positive. A recent study showed that 92% of CNN’s coverage is Trump related, predominately negative, and that they have 96 Trump Critics for every 7 Trump Supporters. A bit slanted, don’t you think? It clearly shows their objective… to destroy Trump!
  • How Democrats are pushing for impeachment on nonsense issues, and Trump hasn’t even been President for 110 days yet. But they want to start spreading the “impeachment” narrative to their base to get them to believe Trump is bad for America. The things they’re saying Trump did, even if he did, which he didn’t, isn’t impeachable.
  • Even RINO’s (Republicans In Name Only) are against Trump. So are the Establishment Politicians. They don’t want Trump to take away their gravy train and ruin a good thing they’ve all got going that’s making public servants (congress) filthy stinking rich! Look at Maxine Waters. She makes $174,000/yr and lives in a multi-million dollar home and owns other million dollar homes in other states. Politics has become one the most sure ways of becoming a millionaire on a salary less than $180,000/yr… how are these politicians making all of this money?

Politicians are getting very rich off of the system they created so they could get rich. Trump is committed to draining the swamp and returning the power back to We The People.

This scares the HELL out of the career politicians who have learned how to game the system they created. Keep the blacks poor and dependent on entitlements for their votes. Support illegal immigrants and refugees who will create chaos that will allow politicians to have even more governmental power over the people. (I’m not going into details on these points, but could if you wanted me to.)

We The People are sick and tired of funding progressives and liberals agenda benefiting everyone but us! More refugees, more immigrants, more support for foreign countries all while telling us American’s that Social Security is broke and there’s not enough to help America and American’s.

No. We’re playing their game any longer. We are no longer going to be the pawn in their game. We The People are getting back the power, thanks to President Trump!

But it won’t happen without a cost because the Democrats who are all about big government and globalization are going to great lengths to stop Trump, and they are using every trick they can. It would not surprise me one bit if they plant false evidence to convict him. It wouldn’t even surprise if they put a hit out on him.

ANYTHING to stop him because they absolutely do not want the power to return back to the people! They do not want accountability. They do not want to lose their power. They do not want their gravy train to end.

If some how they are successful of ending Trumps presidency early, from what I’m reading and hearing, you think you’ve seen riots and problems from the liberal left?

You’ve seen nothing until you’ve seen a bunch of patriotic American’s pissed off.

You’ve been warned!

5/18/17 – New article in Breitbart mimic’s what I’ve shared here… Steve Bannon Is Right About the Fight to Save America



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